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  By: Lisa Robinson



Wine Dogs: The Dogs of North American Wineries
By Craig McGill, James Boddington and Susan Elliott
Published by Giant Dog Publishing

In my circle of friends, it would be a challenge for me to find someone that doesn’t have a special relationship and a great appreciation and affection for both dogs and wine. I would never have put the two together if it wasn’t for this fabulous book that dropped into my mailbox a week or so ago. Wine Dogs: The Wine Dogs of North American Wineries is a fun, original, whimsical beautifully composed book by photographers Craig McGill and James Boddington and by Susan Elliott.

Apparently, dogs are almost a fixed feature at most wineries, something I was completely unaware of, but it makes sense…rolling hills, sunshine and acres and acres of vineyards to run free. Wherever wine is made, you’re likely to find a good dog stalking the cellar or the vineyard. The USA Edition of Wine Dogs features more than 300 wineries across the
United States with 450-plus photos of their loyal hounds. Along the way, the mutts and
purebreds are interspersed with short essays by Robert Parker Jr, Dan Berger, Bruce Cass, Ralph Steadman, Cole Danehower and many more.

This book (released Oct. 06), based on the best-selling Australian version, is the toast of the wine country, and animal lovers everywhere are enjoying the fabulous photographs of the canines along with their whimsical statistics.

Find out which dog ate a couch, which one chewed Bill Clinton’s leg and discover the identity of the dog who stole Robert Mondavi’s heart.

Wine Dogs USA Edition is a photographic journal of stunning pictures and great stories –
created all for the love of dogs and wine.

Published by: Giant Dog Pty Ltd
218 x 157 mm, 536pp, Hardback, Full color, ISBN 0-9580856-6-8
Release: October 2006
RRP $39.00 US

A Breed Apart: A Celebration of the New American Mutt
By Amanda Jones
Published by Clarkson Potter, March 27, 2007

In the land of the melting pot, it makes sense that mutts are the most popular dogs in America. There’s the Cockapoo (a Cocker Spaniel and Poodle mix), the Puggle (a Pug and a Beagle mix), but have you heard of a Pahuaha? Or a Silkihund? Award-winning dog photographer Amanda Jones has captured them all beautifully in her newest book, “A Breed Apart: A celebration of the New American Mutt”

From the New York Times Sunday Style Section to the national morning television and radio shows Amanda Jones is one of the premier animal photographers in the United States. She travels the country extensively, and has been producing elegant portraits of dogs for the past eleven years. Her style emphasizes each subject's expressive features through simple lighting techniques and focal clarity. What makes her art different is that her photographs are all about the dog---they are studio portraits, unencumbered by outdoor settings. The result is simple, clean, modern and absolutely stunning.

In addition to the spectacular black and white photographs in “A Breed Apart”, each spread includes the unofficial breed name with the actual breed names printed upside-down, allowing readers to guess the origins of each delightful mutt. Jones brings to life such rare mixes as the Choberotti (a Doberman, Chow, Rottweiler mix) and tries to stay away from the designer mutts we’ve all heard about. In case you’re wondering, the dog in the cover photo is a Pitbullet (Pit Bull and Basset Hound)

Other books by Jones include “Frenchie Kisses: The Many Faces of the French Bulldog”,”Dachsunds Short and Long”, and “Greyhounds Big and Small”. She lives in

Photographs by Cami Johnson,