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Jamie Lee Curtis’ Inner Dog (Frances)

The daughter of screen legends Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh, Jamie Lee Curtis was born into the Hollywood spotlight. She has garnered critical praise and numerous awards for her performances in movies such as “A Fish Called Wanda”, “True Lies” and most recently, the summer 2003 hit, “Freaky Friday”.

Curtis is an avowed dog lover and prefers to save lives by adopting her dogs from shelters. As she writes in the introduction to the newly-released Second Chances, More Tales of Found Dogs by Elise Lufkin, published by Lyons Press, “There is an unspoken understanding between a found dog and her human friend. It is a gentle awareness, a quiet acknowledgement of the sadness that filled them and might have continued to underline both their lives had they not found each other. If you have a friend lucky enough to know a found dog or have been found by one yourself, you no doubt recognize that certain, special look---a silent, shared language of love and mutual respect.”

We were lucky enough to have Jamie Lee and her wonderful found pooch, Frances, take the time to answer the Urban Dog Inner Dog Questionnaire. Frances was adopted from a Texas animal shelter when Curtis was in the Lone Star State for a TV interview. The rest is history.

Curtis is married to actor/director Christopher Guest, who co-wrote and directed the wickedly funny mockumentary Best in Show—(a personal favorite) with whom she has two children, Annie and Thomas.

What is her idea of perfect happiness?
Jamie Lee Curtis alone

What is her favorite treat?
Her hedgehog toy

If she could change one thing about herself, what would it be?

What is her most treasured possession?

What is her most endearing quality?

Assuming there is such a thing as reincarnation, what or who might she have been in a former life?
Marie Antoinette

Is there anything that embarrasses her?
Her girth

What is it that she dislikes most?

What is her greatest fear?

What is her greatest accomplishment?

What is her favorite place?
Under Jamie’s desk

What does she really like in other dogs?

Does she have a motto?
Otium cum dignitate (leisure with dignity)

Photographs by Cami Johnson,